Common Ground is a church without walls. Christians from local churches, united to reach Clark County for Jesus.


Teen suicide prevention hotline for Clark County. The Hopeline is currently LIVE from 3pm-3am daily (360) 768-3322. The Hopeline is unique because we’re local! Advocates deal with the crisis first, then plug them into face-to-face local activities with peers and mentors. Our advocates are well-trained on the sensitive topics teens are dealing with and they are Christians. If the opportunity arises, they will pray with callers and guide them into a relationship with Jesus.

Allea’s House will be used as a home for 7 single mothers, most with children under 3 years old. The program offers the opportunity for the mothers to improve their circumstances for their children, services will be individualized based on the mother’s need and will help them reach their full potential physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Floating Home

A boathouse dock donated to the ministry for fundraising purposes. We will build a beautiful floating home on the dock and sell. Profits will be used to reach youth through our Teen Nights / Youth Centers.

CG has partnered with Multnomah and Capella University and has approved interns for discounted counseling for local kids and families. Charging just $20 per session allows CG to cover operational costs. Interns are supervised by Clinical Director, Mark Pelletier.

We rent out a local high school gymnasium on a Saturday night and throw a party that students will never forget. We use live bands, insane lighting, thrilling games, and so much more. This event is deliberate evangelism and outreach, giving youth an invitation to accept new life in Jesus.

The first CG Teen Nights will be at the Lord’s Gym. A party every Friday and Saturday night 7pm-Midnight. These will be alcohol and drug-free, proving games, live music, a coffee bar, a food court and abundant fellowship.

And more coming soon

Hours of Operation

Daily : 3:00pm – 3:00am

(360) 768-3322

Office Hours MON – FRI
9:00am – 5:00pm

Phone Number
(360) 903-8339

Youth Center Hours


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